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Young Tunisians clash with police days after revolution anniversary

Hundreds of youths clashed with police in cities across Tunisia late on Monday, throwing stones and gasoline bombs in the capital as security forces...

Violence flares for third day in Sudan’s Darfur

Militia fighters staged a deadly attack in Sudan’s Darfur on Monday, residents said, as doctors said the death toll from a separate attack that...

Riots spread in several Tunisian cities for second night

Riots and violent clashes between Tunisian police and protesters broke out on Sunday in the capital Tunis and at least 1‮5‬ cities for the...

Four police officers killed, one missing, after bandit attack in northwest Nigeria

Four police officers were killed and one was missing after armed bandits attacked their convoy in northwest Nigeria on Friday, the Nigerian police said. Around...

Residents flee Islamist insurgent attack on town in northeast Nigeria

Government troops and several hundred residents have been forced to flee after Islamist insurgents overran a town in northeast Nigeria in an attack claimed...

Tunisian police clash with protesters after police beating

Tunisian police fired tear gas to disperse protesters in the northern city of Siliana on Friday after a policeman beat a shepherd, witnesses said,...

Forty-six civilians feared killed in eastern Congo attack, official says

Forty-six civilians are reported to have been killed in an attack by suspected Islamist militants on a village in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo,...

Five killed in Algeria bomb explosion

Five people died and three others were wounded when a homemade bomb exploded in eastern Algeria on Thursday, the defense ministry said. The victims were...

Cameroon army killed civilians in village raid, witnesses and lawyer say

Cameroonian soldiers opened fire on villagers during a weekend raid in the country’s southwest, killing up to nine people, including civilians, and injuring others,...

US military carries out another air strike against al-Shabaab

The US military’s Africa Command forces conducted one airstrike in the vicinity of Buulo Fulaay, Somalia, on 13 January, killing one al Shabaab member...


Armscor in-house expertise can generate revenue

Sweating Armscor assets, mainly property, was at one stage trumpeted as the way to eventually ensuring financial independence for the State-owned defence and security...