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Previously published reports and articles with continued relevance

Archive: Report to the IHEDN

The time has come for Africa to seize control of its security agenda and drive hard for peace on the mother continent.Committee...

Archive: Welcome to Trainica

The SA National War College (SANWC), the SA National Defence Force's (SANDF) school for operational level commanders and staff officers, has just...

Archive: HR2010 – New, improved, with lemon fresh scent

It's cover reads "June 2002", but by June 2004 the Department of Defence's (DoD) Human Resources 2010 strategy document had still not...

Archive: An IMPI for Africa

There is a growing consenus that NEPAD needs a bodyguard regiment, or to lend a word from the Zulu language, an "impi"...

Archive: Military possibilities of the African Union

The African Union (AU) will take shape as a structure over the next year and as a reality over the coming decades....

Archive: Is there still consensus on defence in SA?

Defence commentators are asking whether there is still a national consensus on defence, a factor identified by South Africa's military as a...

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The United States Marine Corps has produced some of the finest military manuals available today – and they are available on the...


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