IDEAS 2012

IDEAS post-show report

Approximately 80 delegations representing 50 countries attended the International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) in Karachi, Pakistan, between November 7 and 11...

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Pakistan's biennial Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) has come to a successful close. Although the event was held amid tight security in...

Karachi Shipyard to build two more F-22P frigates for Pakistan Navy

Karachi Shipyard will produce two more F-22P frigates for the Pakistan Navy, bringing the total number to six. The yard is currently...

Havelsan and Pakistan sign agreement on simulation and training

Turkey's Havelsan software and systems integration company yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding with the Pakistan Armed Forces regarding simulation and training,...

Integrated Dynamics sells UAVs to Pakistan Armed Forces

Integrated Dynamics, a privately owned unmanned aerial vehicle company, has sold ten unmanned aerial vehicle systems to the Pakistan Armed Forces for...

Heavy Industries Taxila shows off technology at IDEAS

Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT), the largest armoured vehicle manufacturer in Pakistan, is exhibiting a wide variety of hardware at the International Defence...

Pakistan and China to jointly market Al Khalid tank

Pakistan's Norinco and Pakistan's HIT yesterday signed an agreement to jointly market the Al Khalid main battle tank, especially to emerging market...

Pakistan’s new frigates a boost for anti-piracy, maritime security efforts

The Pakistan Navy will next year take delivery of its fourth and final F-22P frigate. The locally built vessel will help it...

Tanzania seeking peace and stability in Pakistan

Tanzania's minister of defence is present at the International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) in Karachi, Pakistan, with the aim of learning...


Lessons learnt from latest Op Copper deployment

The most recent Operation Copper deployment in the Mozambique Channel, in addition to providing valuable "on-the-job" training for both sailors and airmen,...