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How SA paratroops destroyed a rebel group and didn’t even know it

Two parachute assaults, both in May 1978, some 1 500 kms apart led to the destruction of an African independence movement, the Front de...

Navy Museum opening, SAAF Museum still locked down

The SA Naval Museum in Simon’s Town is the first military history facility to take advantage of level two lockdown regulations and will open...

Commemorative SADF boot knives

Johannesburg-based knifemaker Sean Culhane is producing a range of boot knives commemorating South African Defence Force medals and units. Culhane is working on a limited...

Definitive book on the Ratel infantry combat vehicle published

After ten years in the making, a new two-volume book on the Ratel infantry combat vehicle (ICV) has been completed by a group of...

SS Mendi: ‘poignant’ part of history

The sacrifice of hundreds of men on board the SS Mendi when the vessel sank on the morning of 21 February 1917 will never...

Gate guards are part of military aviation history and tradition

The deployment of gate guards in the form of aircraft no longer in service is a time-honoured tradition in air forces around the world...

SAAF centenary: When the past collides with the present

The South African Air Force (SAAF) is generally accepted as having been formed on 1 February 1920. This makes it the second oldest Commonwealth...

SA Air Force Association marks 75 years of camaraderie and help

The SA Air Force Association (SAAFA) this year marks its 75th anniversary with a number of events, the first taking place later this month...

SANDF to support National Civic Remembrance Day

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) will be supporting the National Civic Remembrance Day Service and Wreath Laying Ceremony in Johannesburg this coming...

A South African aviation pioneer’s story

It's a far cry from the jumbo jets of today back down the years to the goggles and oil-spattered overalls of those pilots who...


Are SANDF communicators losing the plot?

Apart from somewhat poor communication with its various external audiences, there also appears to be a lack of communication internally at the SA National...