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Gunmen kill Nigerian army general on highway from capital

Gunmen shot dead a Nigerian army general as he was travelling by car on a major road from the capital, Abuja, the army said...

Over a million rounds of ammunition looted from Durban container

More than 1.5 million rounds of ammunition have apparently been stolen during looting in Durban. News24 reported that sources in law enforcement said the ammunition...

Elbit to supply 11 Guarani armoured vehicles to Ghana

Isarel’s Elbit Systems has signed a contract with Ghana to supply 11 Iveco Guarani 6x6 armoured vehicles to the country. The vehicles will be manufactured...

US provides Puma APCs to Somalia

The United States has handed over six Puma M36 Mk 6 armoured personnel carriers to the Somali Defence Forces to bolster its efforts in...

US Army Special Forces conclude training with Nigeria Navy Special Boat Service

An officer of the Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service (left) during the five-week Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) alongside a team of US Army...

Zimbabwe army commander dies from cancer – presidential spokesman

Zimbabwe’s army commander died early on Thursday after succumbing to cancer, the presidential spokesman said. The army holds an outsized influence in Zimbabwean politics. In...

Singapore commissions new Belrex variants

Singapore’s military has commissioned a mortar-equipped variant of its Belrex (Marauder) armoured vehicle as part of its military transformation project. At the end of June,...

AM General, Egypt sign partnership agreement

AM General and the Egyptian Ministry of Military Production have signed a partnership agreement that could see HMMWVs being built in the North African...

Exercise African Lion 21 wraps up in Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal

African Lion, US Africa Command’s premier joint annual exercise, successfully wrapped up its 17th iteration in Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal, on 18 June. Military...

Zambia showcases new military hardware during military parade

The Zambia National Defence Force paraded previously unseen military hardware during a parade in the capital Lusaka, including truck-mounted mortars and armoured personnel carriers. The...


Additional troop deployment is welcome and shows the need for a strong SANDF

The announcement on Wednesday 14 July that 25 000 members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) will be deployed to help counter...
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