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Add-on armour now available for Mbombe 4

Paramount Group has announced that new add-on armour has been developed for its Mbombe 4 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), pushing it up to full...

Hoefyster is another Denel casualty

The sorry saga that is the new infantry combat vehicle (ICV) for the SA Army drags on with Armscor indicating “no significant progress” in...

Trailblazing Counter Mine and IED Solution for Modern Fighting Forces

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One needn't look further back than recent conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq to appreciate the prevalence of asymmetric warfare and the corresponding capability...

Hensoldt South Africa introduces new jammers

Hensoldt South Africa has unveiled two new jammers at the AOC Europe event in the United Kingdom, with its GRJ8500 and GRJ6000 jammers covering...

Nigerian Navy disowns officer’s allegations against Chadian soldiers

The Nigerian Navy (NN) on Tuesday disowned allegations made in parliament by one of its senior officers that soldiers from neighbouring Chad were selling...

Nigerian Army may have acquired more CS/VP3 APCs and Type 89 IFVs from China

The Nigerian Army may have acquired 100 additional CS/VP3 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) from China’s Poly Technologies and Type 89 tracked infantry fighting vehicles...

Chad plans to double army size to deal with security challenges

Chad's transitional government said on Friday that it plans to drastically increase the size of its army to deal with security challenges, including threats...

Paramount-supplied military hardware displayed in Mozambique

Newly acquired military hardware has been displayed by Mozambique during the country’s armed forces day celebrations, including Marauder armoured personnel carriers and Mi-8/17, Mi-24...

Training readies Senegal for regional emergency response role

The United States Defence Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA’s) Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Security Cooperation Engagement Programme concluded a 6-year cooperative Chemical, Biological, Radiological,...

US to hold $130 million of Egypt’s military aid over human rights

The Biden administration will withhold $130 million worth of military aid to Egypt until Cairo takes specific steps related to human rights, a State...


SANDF missing the communication target

Former defence and military veterans minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula on a number of occasions said words to the effect South Africans have to decide what...