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Successfully planning and implementing peacekeeping operations in Africa

defenceWeb is proud to launch its PEACEKEEPING AFRICA 2009 event

Date: 24 – 25 June 2009
Venue: Gallagher Estate, Midrand
Time: 8:00 – 17:00

The African continent is plagued with uncertainty and faced with numerous challenges. Wars, coups and violence are what some Africans have to wake up to on a daily basis and the dire socio-economic situation is not assisting the problem. It is a known fact that Africa plays host to some of the most dangerous places in the world. How many lives still need to be taken before violence in Africa is ended? Not only are innocent people killed but they are forced to become strangers in their own country, being displaced from their homes and forced into a world of instability.

PEACEKEEPING AFRICA 2009 is the ideal platform to bring all parties (defence/peacekeeping forces, police, gendarmerie, international relations experts, foreign service officials, diplomats, other government bodies, international organisations, vendors and academics) involved in peace support missions together, to share knowledge and to discuss the latest developments.

PEACEKEEPING AFRICA 2009 brings together individuals who are experts in their respective fields from organisations who are taking the lead in bringing solutions to Africa.

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Confirmed speakers to date include:
> Doug Brooks, President, International Peace Operations Association
> Andrew Carswell, Regional Delegate to the Armed and Security Forces Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean, International Committee of the Red Cross
> Jannie Malan, Senior Researcher, ACCORD
> Henri Boshoff, Military Analyst, Institute for Security Studies (ISS)
> Lt Col (Dr) Gielie van Dyk, Chair of the School for Human Resource Development in the Faculty of Military Science, Stellenbosch University
> Dr Kwesi Aning, Head of Department: Conflict Prevention, Management & Resolution, Kofi Anan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC)
> Adane Ghebremeskel, Programme Advisor and Programme Manager of the Peace-building Programme, Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR)
> Professor Heidi Hudson, Department of Political Science, University of the Free State
> Albert Gomes Mugumya, CECORE
Lt Col AJ Bello, ECOWAS