Singapore anti-drone firm cuts Myanmar ties after coup


A Singaporean firm that has sold anti-drone products to Myanmar’s police is halting further business in the country and has canceled a deal with its main airport following a military’s coup, a company official said.

TRD Consulting is among about a dozen firms in Singapore, Myanmar’s biggest source investment in recent years, that have been targeted by activists for doing business with the country.

The military’s seizure of power on 1 February and detention of hundreds of people, including elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi, has sparked international sanctions and massive protests.

“We have no plan to supply anti-drone products to Myanmar until a lawful society is re-established,” Managing Director Sam Ong in a emailed response. “We will review the future sales accordingly.”

He said the company had been in the process of selling anti-drone products to Yangon International Airport, but that deal had been canceled.

He said the company would also not sell to Myanmar’s military.

TRD had sold to police the Orion-7 drone signal disruptor, which interferes with the communications signal of a drone to force it to land. Ong said the disruptor has no effect on humans.

Some protesters have called on the city-state to take firmer action against the junta, threatening to boycott popular Singapore brands like Tiger beer and cafe chain Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

Singapore’s foreign minister Vivian Balakrishnan said on Tuesday that the city-state was against widespread sanctions on Myanmar and would not interfere in companies’ business decisions relating to the country.