Proforce signs UAV agreement with France’s Aeraccess


Nigeria’s Proforce has signed an agreement with France’s Aeraccess for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as Proforce expands its portfolio into the UAV sector.

The agreement was signed by Proforce Air Systems CEO Ade Ogundeyin and Aeraccess CEO Shehzaad C Allachand on 6 March during the bpiFrance exhibition held in Abuja, Nigeria.

Proforce said the agreement will see the immediate production of UAVs within Nigeria, and will help address the internal defence challenges the country is facing.

Although Proforce specialises in the manufacture of armoured vehicles, it is also expanding into the aviation domain. The company has acquired a 100 hectare parcel of land along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway that will incorporate an armoured vehicle manufacturing plant; a UAV manufacturing facility; Electronic Equipment Factory for the manufacturing of radios and jammers; an ammunition factory; research and development centre; training school; vehicle testing track; firing range; and armoured glass manufacturing factory.

Proforce was established in 2008 and is Nigeria’s largest private armoured vehicle manufacturer, currently employing over 1 000 staff. The company makes armoured tactical vehicles, armoured personnel carriers for the military and police, mine-resistant, ambush protected vehicles, ballistic helmets and vests, armoured cash-in-transit, armoured private and commercial passenger vehicles. It has also expanded its portfolio to cover armoured patrol boats and unmanned aerial vehicles, amongst others.

The company’s flagship APC is its PF2, which has been exported to Rwanda, the Central African Republic and South Sudan while its Ara is used by the Nigerian military and Chad. The company’s newest APC is the Viper, unveiled in 2021 as a lighter, faster and more agile version of its Ara.

Aeraccess specialises in the manufacture of military grade UAVs and has been active in the field for nearly a decade. It markets its aircraft for public safety, surveillance and military uses as well as agricultural, electricity, inspection and oil and gas applications. Its product range includes the man-packable HawkEye Mk 1 nano UAV; larger Hawker Q800X quadrotor, and 2 kg maximum takeoff weight Hawkeye Mk II. The Nanohawk and Sparrowhawk are designed for indoor use and geared towards counter-terrorism operations. The Sparrowhawk can deploy flashbangs, teargas grenades and other payloads.