Xpeller counter-UAV system secures Remembrance Day activities in Amsterdam


Hensoldt’s Xpeller counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system has been used by the Netherlands National Police to secure Remembrance Day celebrations in Amsterdam against malicious UAVs.

Hensoldt on 11 May said the system selected by the Netherlands consisted of two SMS-D single mast solutions, made up of a Spexer 360 radar, daylight and thermal cameras, in addition to one Spexer 500 radar, two Skyscan 7x drone and pilot locating system and one Jammer. On location, these various sensors where set up on two buildings approximately one kilometre apart to ensure the best radar and direction finding coverage.

The request for the counter-UAV system had been made by the National Police as part of a task force including the Royal Netherlands Air Force and Army, only three weeks before the event. Hensoldt’s Xpeller team responded with resources from Germany, South Africa, the UK and the Netherlands. Because of current COVID 19 restrictions, the equipment was shipped from different locations and set up the day ahead of the event with remote support from the all the involved entities. The successful deployment was closely monitored by representatives of the authorities involved, Hensoldt said.