Wonderboom Adrenaline Show lineup revealed


Organisers of the Airlink Adrenaline Show, to be held at Wonderboom airport on 10 and 11 June, have released the show programme, which includes appearances by the Silver Falcons and Gripen fighter jet.

The second annual Airlink Adrenaline Wonderboom Airport Show will have slightly different lineups for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s programme, which starts at 10:00 and ends at 18:30, will begin with a parachute/flag drop and be followed by a Team Torre Pitts Special formation; Mustang Sally; a truck top landing and glider aerobatics. A South African Air Force Gripen will perform a display, followed by Paramount’s anti-poaching skydiving dog.

On the aerial side, Saturday will see the Raptor, Team Xtreme, Goodyear Eagles, Puma Harvards and Silver Falcons display teams, as well as the An-2 ‘Little Annie’, a Mango airliner display, Gazelle helicopter, Stearman, L-29, L-39, Impala, Huey, and Slick 540. Paramount, which has its Ahrlac factory at Wonderboom, will be displaying the aircraft during the show.

Other highlights include an inverted parachute drop, glider aerobatics, Extra vs supercar vs helicopter race, dragsters, Super GT challenge cars, an Extra vs an Alfa race, wingsuit display/parachute drop, drifting, stunt bikes and a jet car run.

One of the show highlights will be a freestyle motocross motorcycle being ramped over an Extra aerobatic aircraft.

As show sponsor SA Airlink celebrates a 25 year anniversary on 11 June, there will be Airlink displays on both days.

On Saturday evening only, there will be a Jetcar Meltdown – another first for a South African airshow, as well as a wall of fire, fireworks display, and Puma Energy Harvard Flying Lions Night display.

Sunday’s programme, starting at 9:30 and ending at 16:00, is as follows:

Parachute drop

Team Torre Pitts Special formation

Dragster funny car

Super GT challenge cars

Team Xtreme display

Airlink display

Silver Falcons


Paramount anti-poaching skydiving dog

Slick 540

Truck top landing

Dragster rail

L-29, L-39 and Impala formation


Stunt bike

Xtra vs Mustang vs helicopter

Glider aerobatics

V8 race

Huey display

Raptor formation

Dragster rail

Single seater race

Goodyear Eagles Pitts Speccials

Extra vs Alfa race

Mustang Sally

Motorcycle over Extra jump

Wing suit/parachute drop


Jet car run

Smoke up


Harvard formation

This year’s show will, in addition to the Silver Falcons and Gripen, see an Augusta 109 Light Utility Helicopter on static display.