US airliner launches a daily flight service to Ghana


The vice president of Resource and Planning of United Airlines, a US based carrier, says Ghana’s stability and strong democratic credentials influenced the company’s decision to launch a non-stop daily flight from Washington, DC to Accra.

Greg Kaldhal says United Airlines is excited about the prospects of the daily flight to Ghana and promises to provide customers convenient and comfortable travel opportunities to Africa’s fastest-growing cities. It was scheduled to begin last Friday.
“We are excited about launching a service to Accra, Ghana, our first service into Africa. Daily flights will begin from Washington-Dulles, our east coast gateway to Europe, the Middle East and Africa with return flights that will leave Accra about 11 O’clock at night and arrive into our first bank in Washington-Dulles, which will permit our customers from Accra to not only go to Washington but then on connecting service throughout the United States,” he said.

United’s new Africa schedule makes it only the second US-based carrier to provide non-stop flights to six continents.

According to United Airlines, the maiden flight which begins its daily non-stop service to Africa is scheduled for 20th June from Washington-Dulles Airport to Kotoka International Airport in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

Kaldhal said United Airlines is excited about the prospects of its daily flights to Accra.
“As we look around the world for opportunities to place our assets, Africa in general and Ghana in particular is already decent size and growing market, Market that is now able to sustain non-stop services as evident by the amount of international service going into that market or has gone into that market over the last year or so…,” Kaldhal said.

He also said United Airlines sees Ghana as a very stable democracy and an emerging economy.

The international community often describes Ghana as a model of democracy, characterized by political stability, and respect for the rule of law and fundamental human rights and also enjoys peace and political harmony, qualities they say are essential for socio-economic progress and cultural advancement.

Ambassador Daniel Ohene Agyekum, Ghana’s envoy to the United States is scheduled to participate in the launching of United Airlines non-stop flight service from Washington, DC to Accra.

Industry experts say United Airlines controls 12% of America’s market making it the second-largest US airline.

According to United Airlines, the company operates approximately 3300 flights a day to more than 230 US domestic and international destinations from its hubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago and Washington, DC

Pic: Uganda airplane