Union says restructuring coming at SAA


While no mention was made changes in personnel numbers when SAA earlier this month said it had successfully finished a 90 day action plan, trade union Solidarity thinks otherwise.

It said SAA employees were last week notified there would be “major restructuring” and the national carrier intended to give all parties notice in term of the Labour Relations Act within two weeks.

Johan Botha, head of professional industry at the trade union’s Centurion headquarters, said the employees were informed about possible restructuring in March.
“Solidarity has sent a written request to the company to participate in consultations about the process. During consultation with management we will propose alternatives to retrenchment to minimise the impact of the process on our members,” he said adding it was not yet known how many SAA employees would be affected.

A statement released by SAA earlier this month indicated the troubled airline had delivered against six objectives it was tasked to complete. These included business liquidity and ongoing solvency; future funding; correcting governance defects; reviewing its governance framework, reorganising assets and upping its communication. No mention was made of any possible cuts to personnel numbers.