Ultra awarded contract from Diehl BGT Defence for IRIS-T SL

Ultra Electronics Precision Air Systems has received orders from Diehl BGT Defence GmbH to develop subsystems for its IRIS-T SL (Infra Red Imaging System Tail/Thrust Vector Controlled, Surface Launched) missile programme.

The South African Air Force recently ordered a quantity of the air-to-air version of the IRIS-T.

On order is Ultra’s High Pressure Pure Air Generator (HiPPAG) to be used as a Cooling Gas Compressor Unit, along with the supply of Solenoid Valves for gas distribution to the missile IR detectors.

Ultra says use of the HiPPAG system and solenoid valves in the launch vehicle will enable the IRIS-T SL missiles to continuously protect land assets from a variety of hostile air threats, by providing an uninterrupted supply of high purity compressed air used by the missile seeker cooling system.

“As a long standing supplier of pneumatic components for the air-to-air version of the IRIS-T missile we are delighted to be selected for this latest evolution of the IRIS-T family of systems. This is a further example of Ultra’s innovative technology being used in mission critical applications.” said Andy Yates, Managing Director of Precision Air Systems at Ultra.

The IRIS-T SL will be integrated as the complementary ground-based, medium-range air defence missile system for Germany, in the tri-national MEADS air defence programme under contract by the United States, Germany and Italy.

Over 5000 HiPPAG’s are in operational use and it is the only qualified airborne high pressure pure air compressor system in military service being used to generate cryogenic cooling gas for infra-red guided missiles and also as an energy source for pneumatic ejection of weapons from aircraft.

HiPPAG is the only compressor to have passed the rigorous and demanding qualification tests required by the F-35 Lightning II, Small Diameter Bomb (SDB), F/A-18 C/D and E/F, Eurofighter Typhoon and Trigat Anti-tank missile programmes.