Ultimate Heli deploys Bell 412s to South Sudan


South Africa-based Ultimate Heli, part of the Ultimate Aviation group, has deployed two Bell 412EP helicopters to South Sudan to provide humanitarian support to the country.

Ultimate Heli on 18 October said the two helicopters were deployed to Juba, South Sudan, where they provide much-needed humanitarian support to the International Red Cross.

Shaun Roseveare, CEO of Ultimate Heli, said ” We have had ad hoc humanitarian operations in Southern Sudan for the past five years and we are delighted that we will be able to expand our business to provide much needed humanitarian support in Southern Sudan for the Red Cross on a permanent basis”.

The company has previously sent aircraft to South Sudan – as early as 2014 an AS355N was deployed to Juba to assist humanitarian aid agencies.

Ultimate Heli has a number of Bell 412s in its fleet and in September announced the delivery of a Bell 412EP to provide humanitarian support in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The company’s Bell 412s have also been flying off the SA Agulhas II, delivering equipment to Marion and Gough Islands earlier this year.