Ukrainian helicopter crews continue to carry out peacekeeping tasks in the DRC


Ukrainian military personnel from the 18th helicopter squadron, deployed to the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) continue to carry out peacekeeping tasks to deliver personnel and cargo to places where it is impossible to reach the land because of poorly developed road infrastructure or hazardous locations.

Thanks to Ukrainian peacekeepers, the UN Mission is able to provide a rapid deployment of its forces in the region to quickly respond to an escalating security situation, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence said on 24 April.

According to Colonel Muhammad Bulanbaev, commander of the 18th separate helicopter squadron, not only the African heat and high altitude landscape but also the increased requirements for flight readiness are a special feature of the region.

“At times of a world-wide quarantine, Ukrainian Blue Berets on a daily basis are getting involved in informing against the spread of the COVID-19. Moreover, the medical service of the unit provides recommendations on the effective prevention of the spread of infectious diseases,” said Colonel Muhammad Bulanbaev.

According to the squadron commander, thermal screening of passengers and the use of personal protective equipment are mandatory for helicopter crews when performing tasks. Every time after the tasks are completed, the medical service disinfects the helicopter’s cabins.

“It should be noted that the credit of the international community’s confidence in our country increases after every successful accomplishment of tasks by Ukrainian peacekeepers,” the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence said.