UK purchases Rafael’s counter-UAV system


The United Kingdom has ordered six counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The British Army is the first customer for the Drone Dome anti-drone system. These systems will be used to protect sensitive facilities and other sites. This contract is worth $20 million.

The Drone Dome provides 360-degree protection against UAVs at ranges of 3-5 kilometers. The system makes it possible to detect threats using radar and a signal intelligence component that monitors the signal broadcast by a UAV in flight.

The Drone Dome system intercepts UAVs using laser beams.

Israel’s RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. said that its Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radars (MHR), which are embedded in the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Drone Dome counter-drone solution, will be delivered to the British Army in the coming months.

These systems will be used to protect from airborne drones some sensitive facilities and sites on which British armed forces are deployed.

Rafael’s Drone Dome team, together with RADA, won the tender published by the UK Ministry of Defense, ahead of Israel Aerospace Industries’ subsidiary Elta and Italian company Leonardo.

RADA’s MHR provides 360-degree surveillance and detects the drones at distances of 3-5 kilometers. Signal intelligence system along with electro-optical sensors, provide additional layers of threat classification and identification, while RF jamming provides the soft-kill layer of this solution.

Deliveries of this program are expected to be concluded within 2018.

The UK interest is focused on engaging small drone targets (2-22kg) at distances 500 m or closer, and the order came only eight months after Rafael demonstrated the Drone Dome’s capability to the UK government in January 2018.