Uganda takes delivery of Mi-171 VIP helicopter


The Ugandan government has taken delivery of a Mi-171E helicopter configured with a VIP interior from Russian Helicopters, as part of a contract signed last year.

Russian Helicopters announced the delivery on 10 February, saying the rotorcraft features a luxury cabin with leather upholstery and ‘precious wood’ that can accommodate 12 passengers. “Improved noise and vibration isolation, a modern multimedia system with a widescreen display, and multiple audio speakers greatly increases the comfort of passengers onboard.”
“Daily comforts are also provided through a cloakroom, snackbar, bathroom, and luggage compartment. Embarkation and disembarkation is made easier with a folding ladder with steps built into the door. The Mi-171E also has a new MBKhU air conditioner system with increased efficiency and reduced weight and dimensions to ensure a comfortable temperature in the passenger cabin and cockpit,” Russian Helicopters said.

The cockpit instruments have been adapted for use with night vision goggles to increase safety in the dark. The helicopter has been equipped with a ground proximity warning system.

In April 2015 it emerged that the Ugandan government had budgeted around $3.7 million in 2015/16 for a new helicopter for President Yoweri Museveni.

Last year Uganda’s police took delivery of an A109 GrandNew and W-3A Sokol from the Polish subsidiary of AgustaWestland, which were ordered in July 2014 by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uganda for law enforcement missions across the nation. The contract, awarded to PZL Swidnik, includes a training and support package.

The Uganda Police Force Air Wing was originally established in 1966 but had no aircraft flying after its single Bell Jet Ranger was damaged in a crash in 2010.