Trade union wants SAA cadet programme put on hold


Trade Union Solidarity wants SAA to postpone its cadet programme while a Human Rights Commission (HRC) investigation into it is underway.

The Centurion-based trade union has requested the national carrier to postpone finalisation of this year’s intake pending the HRC ruling.
“Alternatively, SAA has been requested to confirm in writing that, provided they meet the minimum criteria, white men will be included as successful candidates,” said Dirk Groenewald, head of the Solidarity Centre for Fair Labour Practices.

The HRC earlier this month confirmed it would investigate the cadet programme after no white men made it to the final selection phase. Solidarity is acting on behalf of 10 candidates who applied and Groenewald maintains their “right to equality, dignity, freedom of trade and profession was violated by SAA”.

Forty candidates made it to final selection that started with 4 200 applicants and which was then whittled down to a shortlist of 271. The final selection included 10 African men and four women; nine Coloured men and one woman, seven Indian men and two women and seven white women.

Groenewald said the SAA/cadet issue had become part of the trade union’s fight against “race-firmative” action.