Su-30K Spotted in Angola


A Su-30K has been spotted in Angola, confirming deliveries of the aircraft have begun.

Two images circulated on social media on December 11, 2017, showing an Su-30K in what appeared to be Angola. It was not immediately apparent if the aircraft shown in both of the pictures was the same one, Forecast International reports.

Angola has 12 Su-30Ks on order and was reported to be negotiating over a further six, though it is unclear if a subsequent deal will manifest as Russia is reported to be further along with negotiations with other clients.

It is not certain how many jets have been delivered to date, though at least two are believed to have arrived already.

In September, the Deputy CEO of Belarus’ 558th Aircraft Repair Plant stated in an interview with Sputnik International that two jets had been delivered to Angola, with the rest to be delivered by early 2018.

Sputnik International quoted the Deputy CEO, Aleksandr Vorobei, as saying, “So far, two [Su-30Ks have been delivered to Angola], there is a delivery schedule, and its fulfillment has been launched as for now. I think that the deliveries will be completed by early next year.”

The aircraft had been undergoing overhaul in Belarus. The 18 Su-30Ks were initially sold to India in the late 1990s, but the country returned them to Russia several years after delivery and Russia has since sought a buyer for the aircraft. Angola agreed to purchase 12 in 2013.

The first was spotted undergoing flight testing in February of this year, though at that point the aircraft had not been painted. Images that emerged online in the months since have shown Su-30Ks painted in Angolan Air Force colors.