South African launch: INTENS Image Intensifier tube, 4G Night Vision standard


Developed by PHOTONIS, the tube is a multi-mission night vision tool, and will be unveiled at Africa Aerospace and Defence in September.

ECM Technologies, South African distributor of PHOTONIS, the world leader in Night Vision Sensor Innovations, is proud to announce the South African launch of its new superior performance INTENS Image Intensifier at Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) in September.

The new tube offers extended bandwidth sensitivity (from 400nm-1 000nm) and improved sensitivity to 100?lx (night level 6). These innovations provide a 40% increase in detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) over other tubes on the market. INTENS is a unique intensifier well-suited for multi-mission night vision; ideal for use in the darkest mission conditions, including deep mountain valleys and jungle terrain.

Detection, recognition and identification of objects and persons in a hostile environment are essential to all deployed forces. Already field-proven, INTENS offers end-users access to a superior performance image intensifier tube that is an easily deployed solution for operations in extreme darkness. INTENS comes equipped, as standard, with a state-of-the-art Auto-Gating power supply for operations in very dynamic light conditions and a high contrast green P22 phosphor.

Like other PHOTONIS image intensifiers, the INTENS is mission-ready for integration into equipment of the world’s leading suppliers of optical systems or retro-fitting into existing in-service devices.

Held to a higher standard

Across the complete set of its specifications, INTENS pairs the latest in performance and stability with cutting-edge technologies that make the quantum efficiency over the complete visible light spectrum superior to other solutions.

A Figure of Merit (FOM) of typically 2 000 and a signal to noise ratio of 30 is offered with an unrivalled broadband sensitivity from the UV to the IR part of the spectrum. Combined with a very small HALO effect, the result is very high contrast and fast imaging intensifier tube, with an operational lifetime well over 10 000 hours.

With INTENS, PHOTONIS has transformed market demands into a brand new technology to provide end-users with the best performance image intensifier tube available today: “4G Night Vision”. Focused on performance, 4G Night Vision standard defines the performance specifications, giving end-users the highest performance in all field conditions.

ECM Technologies will have a “Night Vision Demonstration Tunnel” on its stand at AAD, offering live demonstrations of the new INTENS performance.

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ECM Technologies is a high technology company distributing state-of-the-art defence products in the specialised areas of optics, electro-optics & sensors; CBRN; EOD & C-IED; land systems and inertial products. See the company at AAD: Hangar 4 – Stand B18.

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