South African Airways Technical (SAAT) signs contract with Pratt & Whitney


South African Airways Technical (SAAT) on Tuesday signed an agreement with Pratt and Whitney to enhance enhance and expand SAAT’s service offering.

The agreement between SAAT and Pratt & Whitney is in line with SAAT’s growth strategy to increase third party revenue and maintain its position as the leading Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organisation on the African continent, SAAT said.

SAAT currently has the capability to repair and overhaul JT8 and JT9D series aircraft engines. The agreement signed on Tuesday will result in further improvement of the turnaround times on engine overhauls through dedicated spares support and technical know-how, as well as alignment to industry standards.
“These engines form part of the consignment of customer engines supported by Pratt & Whitney. SAAT is pleased that Pratt & Whitney has entrusted us to perform these services on behalf of their customers,” said Musa Zwane, CEO of SAAT.

The agreement is over a 42 month (three and a half years) period, for repair and overhaul work on JT9D-7R4G2 type engines. Furthermore, the agreement has the potential to create a platform which will allow SAAT to upgrade its existing engine overhaul and supporting workshop facilities to new era jet engines.
“With SAAT entering the era of modern aircraft engine overhaul, this will result in the creation of additional jobs in the technical and engineering field as well as the development of specialised engineering processes in our workshops bringing SAAT in line with leading jet engine overhaul facilities worldwide,” added Zwane.