Software delays flights

Domestic flights going in and out of the OR Tambo International Airport are today delayed for between 30 minutes and an hour after software maintenance to the air traffic management systems ran into unexpected problems.

Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) spokeswoman Anna Sanfilippo told The Star this morning that “routine” software maintenance scheduled to take place between midnight and 2.30am ended up taking longer, causing the delays.
“We are currently in the process of introducing a new temporary navigation aid to OR Tambo to facilitate the replacement and upgrading of the main navigation aid which necessitated a change to the air traffic management system data,” she said.
“Due to unexpected and unforeseen difficulties this process took longer than planned and was completed at 5.50am resulting in delays which were communicated to all stakeholders and the impact mitigated via contingency plans,” she said.

Airports Company SA (ACSA) spokesman Solomon Makgale have confirmed the flight delays, saying it would have a knock on effect on all domestic flights for the day.

Pic: OR Tambo International Airport