Six new pilot instructors for the SAAF


The SA Air Force (SAAF) boasts six new pilot instructors in its ranks following successful completion of the theory component at Air Force Base (AFB) Langebaanweg.

The six, whose flying skills cover various transport types as well as helicopters, including the home-grown Rooivalk combat support helicopter, spent 18 months at the Western Cape base honing their instructor skills, Major Mpho Mathebula reports.

“Qualifying as a pilot instructor in the SAAF is inclusive of being tested by chief instructors after undergoing a three month facilitators and assessors course, followed by Air Transport Ground School, PC-7 Ground School, after which flying begins,” his report states.

The newly minted pilot instructors are Major Thlalefo Moroole, Rooivalk, 16 Squadron, AFB Bloemspruit; Major Kediatutsakhutjo Mashile, PC-12, 41 Squadron, AFB Waterkloof; Major Zanele Vayeke; Major Rialevhuwa Maleba, both Oryx, 17 Squadron, Air Force Base Swartkop; Major Gideon Grobbelaar, Oryx 15 Squadron, AFB Durban; and Major London Kgetha, CASA 212, 44 Squadron, AFB Waterkloof.

Mathebula has it all six will remain at AFB Langebaanweg as instructors.