SIA Solutions signs ATNS MoU


SIA Solutions, the South African air traffic management/communication navigation and surveillance technology company, has signed a non-exclusive memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS).

Under the MoU, the parties will pursue joint marketing opportunities throughout Africa, says Ntsane Kolisang, marketing director of SIA Solutions, a 60-40 joint venture between empowered technology leaders Tellumat and Harambe Technologies.

Both have undertaken to identify opportunities within the region on an ongoing basis. “Whether an opportunity in fact exists will be assessed on its merits,” he continues.

And in the event that there is, either party will have to recommend the other as its preferred partner, on the basis of its capability and capacity to deliver the work at hand – thus affording both parties the opportunity to bid as a team.

Once an opportunity is agreed upon, its form and terms will be solidified in a separate teaming agreement, specific to each new engagement,” Kolisang says.

Noting that the ATNS is responsible for the air traffic monitoring and control of 100% of South Africa’s civilian airspace, with a technical capability to offer the service to an estimated 90% of the African continent, Kolisang says the MoU is of significant value to SIA Solutions.

“It has taken us four years and an irreproachable record of servicing our customers to reach this stage. This arrangement opens enormous opportunities for both entities, to put our specialist skills together to contribute to safer African skies.”

SIA Solutions offers a combination of overseas and locally-manufactured technology, through its relationship with the Tellumat Group and various global suppliers. Its portfolio covers:

  • Ground-based Navigation Systems (GBNS), including Conventional and Doppler Very high frequency Omni-directional Radio Range (C/DVOR), Non-Directional Beacons, and approach systems, including precision approach systems such as instrument landing systems and distance measuring equipment.

  • Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (ASMGCS) –technology aiding air traffic controllers at times of low visibility in their monitoring of aircraft on the aerodrome.

  • Meteorological systems, including Automatic Weather Observation Systems and lightning Detection Systems.

  • Communication systems incorporating ground to air communication systems, digital voice recorders and fibre optic cable.

ATNS’ offer to the market is the use of its air traffic management, communication, navigation and surveillance infrastructure, airport surveying, aircraft letdown procedure design, airspace management and design services.

Kolisang says the MoU is an important endorsement of South African expertise, as ATNS has extensive experience with best-of-breed global suppliers.

“And it is further proof that advanced technical skills exist in fully-empowered companies such as SIA Solutions. We have every confidence that there is a good fit between the companies, and that together we will produce high-value solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our clients.”