Several deals signed at LAVEX


Several deals were signed at the 3rd Libyan Aviation Exhibition (LAVEX) held in Tripoli last week.

The French ADIT research service reported in its weekly newsletter on Friday that this included the

signature of a 300 million euro contract with Finmeccanica’s Selex Sistemi Integrati for a border control and security system, as well as the Arab Libyan Airline order for two ATR 42-500 aircraft worth $35M.

On the Russian side, where expectations were very high, no major public contract was signed, the ADIT noted, quoting Defense News, Middle East Newsline, ANSAmed, RIA, and the Global Arab Network.

It said Alexander Mikheyev, deputy director general of Rosoboronexport said there were five military procurement negotiations going-on, involving “military equipment, the modernisation of T-72 tanks, and the general supply of spare parts for the Libyan ground forces”.

TradeArabia News said Mikheyev said the country had already guaranteed the payments for three contracts.

‘The Libyan military wants to have only the most advanced military equipment because neighbouring countries, including Egypt, have recently bought new weaponry and strengthened their defence potential,’ he said.

In addition talks on equipment for the Libyan Navy were underway and Rosoboronexport was also participating in a Libyan tender to deliver aircraft and air defence systems, aid to include the Sukhoi Su-35 multi-role fighter.

ANSAmed reported about 100 companies participated in the showing combat and transport aircraft, helicopters, radar systems, and electronics.

Also present was ADPI, the company that controls the airports of Paris, with whom the Libyan government has signed a 12 million euro contract to develop three main Libyan airports (Tripoli, Bengasi, and Sebha).

The investment involves the modernisation of passenger terminals and cargo areas.

ANSAmed also reported the Libyan Public Safety Ministry ordered 10 AW109 Power helicopters from AgustaWestland to patrol and monitor the country’s coast and borders and five AW119Kes for helicopter rescue and emergency first aid missions. It is not clear if this order was placed at LAVEX.

Liatec, a joint venture involving Libya (50%), Finmeccanica and AgustaWestland (25% each), was also at LAVEX and punted what ANSAmed called the “the ambitious Abou Aisha project to build a helicopter assembly, parts and systems line.”

It said work “started in 2008 and the centre will have a covered area of 10 000 square metres, 100 employees, 90% of whom will be Libyan nationals, and a total investment of 30 million dinars.

“In the meantime, Liatec began work on an operations centre in July of this year in Tajoura, east of Tripoli, where technical and maintenance personnel will be trained with the support of engineers from Agusta Westland, which has become the service centre of Finmeccanica.”