Senegal upgrading Mi-35P attack helicopters


Senegal is upgrading its Mi-35P attack helicopters with Controp DSP-HD electro-optical systems.

The Israeli company recently announced it had received several contracts to upgrade helicopters with the DSP-HD system, and has installed it on a United Nations Mi-17, Mi-24, Bell 407 and EC-145/H145. Controp released a photo showing a Senegalese Mi-35P fitted with the system.

The 29 kg DSP-HD comprises of a day camera, daylight spotter, laser rangefinder or laser pointer. The daylight spotter can be replaced with an infrared camera.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Senegal received two Mi-35Ps in 2007 after placing an order from Russia in 2005. It also received two Mi-171s from Russia. Other helicopters received in the last decade include one Bell 205, two Mi-2s and two Bell 206Ls. Other helicopters believed to be in service include one AS355 Twin Squirrel, one Gazelle and two SA 330 Pumas.

CONTROP’s VP of Marketing, Johnny Carni said “the recent orders were received after a thorough evaluation process, where our systems were selected due to their outstanding gyro-stabilization, image quality and very attractive and competitive price. The systems’ thermal imager with a continuous zoom lens make them ideal for day and night surveillance applications. The new addition of the HD camera makes these reputable payloads an outstanding solution for even the most challenging surveillance and observation requirements. We offer these fully gyro-stabilized and low weight camera payloads at very competitive prices, providing an unmatched price/performance ratio.”

Control said it had also received a contract for a Quad-HD high definition multi-sensor payload for an Asian customer.