Senegal gearing up for second Africa Air Force Forum


The Senegalese Air Force is getting ready to host the second Africa Air Force Forum later this month, gathering Air Force Chiefs of Staff, aerospace industry leaders, and government officials.

The forum will be held in Dakar, Senegal, from 25 to 26 October under the theme “Adapting Air Force Capabilities and Drone Deployment to Combat Modern Conflicts.” The organisers said the forum aims to address the evolving security challenges in an increasingly complex global landscape. It serves as a platform for high-level discussions, international exhibitions, and live demonstrations, focusing on the advancement of air force capabilities and the role of drones in modern warfare.

Brigadier General Papa Souleymane Sarr, Chief of Staff, Senegalese Air Force said, “In these complex times, where the nature of threats is ever-changing, the second Africa Air Force Forum serves as a beacon of collaboration and innovation. We gather here in Dakar to not just adapt but to evolve, forging a collective defence that is agile, robust, and ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Together, we will shape a future where our Air Forces are not just reactive but proactive, ensuring stability and security across our great continent.”

The second Africa Air Force Forum aims to build on the momentum by fostering bilateral partnerships and promoting stability across the continent, organisers said. The forum will cover key topics such as air operations for counterterrorism, intelligence capabilities, and personnel training, among others.

The two-day conference will feature a series of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and technical presentations. The exhibition will showcase the latest technologies and equipment in the aerospace and defence sector. There will also be live product demonstrations of the latest systems and technologies in the domain of Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities.

Key topics at the forum will include air operations for counterterrorism and counterinsurgency; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities; maintenance, repair, and overhaul for regional air forces as well as training and retention of personnel.

Over 350 regional and international attendees are expected from various air forces. The event will feature more than 25 speakers, over 35 sponsors and exhibitors, over 20 presentations, as well as 23 media partners.

Main sponsors for the event are AD Con Ltd, Foreign Asset Trade Company, Ortho International, Airbus, ESMA Aviation Academy, Diamond Aircraft, Jet Aviation and Go Beyond.