Second ATR for Angolan operator


Angolan aviation operator Bestfly this week took delivery of its second ATR 72-600 from ACIA Aero Leasing.

The turboprop was handed to the operator in Toulouse, France, ahead of a ferry flight to the Angolan capital, Luanda.

“Bestfly continues to grow its operations in Angola and the second ATR72-600 aircraft from ACIA will allow it to capitalise on growth opportunities in the region. Bestfly was recently awarded a flight support contract by Exxon Mobile in Angola and anticipates further contracts in the coming months,” a statement said.

It has Bestfly chief executive Nuno Pereira saying the second ATR will be an important part of the company’s growth while his opposite at ACIA, Mick Mooney said Bestfly operations continue to grow which shows resilience to the current downturn in aviation internationally.

“Bestfly has expanded operations when others have shrunk,” according to Mooney.