Safran, Honeywell unveil “green” taxiing


Aerospace and defence suppliers Safran and Honeywell said yesterday they would join forces to offer “green” taxiing systems to slash fuel burn and carbon emissions, from gate to runway.

Time spent taxiing on the tarmac is more than just a nuisance for passengers — it costs airlines a lot of money and increases emissions which they are under pressure to curb.

The potential annual savings from using environmentally friendly and cost-effective systems would be in the “hundreds of thousands of dollars” per plane, Honeywell Aerospace Chief Executive Tim Mahoney told reporters.

The systems should come on the market from 2016 and will represent a market of US$5 billion over the following 15 years, according to France’s Safran and U.S.-based Honeywell, which will form a joint venture to sell them.

The primary target market is short and medium-haul flights, for which taxiing on the tarmac is more of a burden on fuel than long-haul flights.