SAAF to demonstrate airpower

The South African Air Force will next Thursday display its aerial combat and air defence capabilities at the Roodewal Bomb Range in Limpopo Province.
Air Force spokesman Major Ronald Maseko says various types of SAAF aircraft, including the Saab Gripen, Denel CSH1A Rooivalk attack helicopter, AgustaWestland A109LUH light utility helicopter (LUH), Eurocopter BK 117 LUH, Denel M1 Oryx medium utility helicopter and the Cessna C208 Caravan light transport will display their capabilities.
“The aim of the exercise is to simultaneously deploy various SAAF aircraft in a real time simulation that will determine the operational readiness of both the aircraft and crews in light of the upcoming events in the country [the Confederations and Soccer World cups] where the SANDF is expected to safeguard the Republic of South Africa, its citizens and the visiting foreign nationals,” Maseko said in a statement.
“The demonstration will see these aircraft participate in a simulated helicopter attack, downed helicopter crew search and retrieval, aerial escort, hostile ground neutralisation and live firing by the Rooivalk and the Gripen, assisted by ground extraction teams.”