SAAF helicopters help fight Simons Town fire


South African Air Force Oryx helicopters helped extinguish a fire that broke out in the Simons Town area on Monday.

Provincial Disaster Management (PDM) requested the SA Air Force to support aerial firefighting and on 3 May, two Oryx helicopters from 22 Squadron departed from Air Force Base Ysterplaat at 08:55 and 09:16, respectively, for firefighting in the area.

With good communications and weather conditions, the aircraft were routed to Redhill Farm, where with the assistance of additional firefighting services, the fire was contained, the South African National Defence Force said. The aircraft sourced water from the Jackson reservoir, and a total of 59 Bambi buckets were dropped. The aircraft returned to base safely after a total flying time of 3.8 hours.

This comes after SAAF Oryx helicopters were used to fight the fire on Devil’s Peak and around the University of Cape Town last month. The fire damaged University property and destroyed the Rhodes Memorial restaurant.