SAAF expecting a busy two years

The South African Air Force expects to be busy next year and in 2010 – so much so that they will not be taking parting the usual air shows and other publicity drives.
Air Force chief Lt Gen Carlo Gagiano says the SAAF will be concentrating on doing its job instead.   
“Our approach for next year is that you will not see us at air shows. The year is fully packed for us. We have a Gauteng 2010 World Cup preparatory exercise early in the year. Then its the Confederations Cup, the elections and the inauguration of the president.
“The SAAF next year is going to concentrate more on doing its work. We need to be seen to be supportive of the other Services. We will put in an extra effort next year to satisfy most of their needs.
“Believe me 2010 will be an extremely busy year and we will need our ducks in a row to cope and do what is required of us,” Gagiano added. He was speaking earlier this month at a briefing on the state of the flying service.