SAAF, Denel Aviation to launch new book


Lieutenant General Carlo Gagiano, the Chief of the Air Force (CAF) will tomorrow launch a new coffee-table book showcasing the South African Air Force (SAAF).

Per Aspera ad Astra (through adversity to the stars) takes a detailed look at the role and work of the Air Force and is a collaborative project between Denel Aviation and the SAAF that was originally inspired by a series of photographs taken by a SAAF photographer, Warrant Officer Class 1 Christo Crous. “Created to tell the incredible story of life in the South African and African skies, both organisations saw the coffee table book as a means of leaving a legacy for the next generation of pilots, engineers, artisans and aircraft technicians,” says Gagiano.
“It was also a means to document the story of our Air Force and record the meaningful contribution and work of members of the SAAF, as well as of aircraft support staff including those at Denel Aviation.”

The book will be sold at a price of R299. Denel Aviation CE Mike Kgobe says making the book both accessible and affordable to the average South African was a key objective throughout the project. “The SAAF’s story is South Africa’s story. As such, it is one that needs to be told to all of our people. This is why Denel Aviation is such a proud sponsor of Per Aspera ad Astra. While we have financed the layout, design and the initial print run of 1000 copies, our long-term goal is however to make this project an annual one that is self-sustaining.”