SA firm in deal to manage solar with drone tech


South African company New Southern Energy (NSE) has partnered with European drone company, DroneGrid, for the management of solar site lifecycle management using drone technology.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with DroneGrid, an end-to-end drone data platform. This partnership is a perfect opportunity for NSE to further develop and streamline the services offered in its extensive operation and maintenance department,” says NSE.

NSE offers a turnkey service in the assessment, design, supply, financing, implementation and ongoing maintenance of renewable energy projects to the public and private sector.
“Our vision is to solve some of Africa’s most complex energy problems through accelerating the adoption of renewable energy through a distributed energy approach,” says David Masureik, CEO of NSE.
“To achieve differentiation through partners like DroneGrid is key for us to provide clients with innovative solutions.”

The DroneGrid aerial intelligence platform offers survey-grade topography maps that provide a complete site overview during the planning, design and construction phase.

Its proprietary image processing and analytics tools on thermal images enable automated identification, categorisation and loss estimation across the entire site.

Through digitisation, DroneGrid helps asset managers save costs and enable better informed decision-making.
“We look forward to using these data analytics to constantly improve our system design, installations, and operation and maintenance offering, adding value to our clients,” Masureik adds.

This partnership is key for DroneGrid’s ambitions for Africa. According to Vishal Punamiya, CEO of DroneGrid: “Expanding DroneGrid’s footprint into Africa has been on the roadmap for some time, and this strategic collaboration only strengthens our commitment to providing world-class solutions.”

Starting with SA, DroneGrid will expand its operations to other countries in the region over the coming months, the company notes.