SA Express to lay charges against former executives


South African Express is preparing to lay fraud and corruption charges against some of its former executives.

SA Express chairperson Tryphosa Ramano said the airline’s new board of directors takes all allegations of impropriety by staff and other stakeholders of the airline seriously.

“This is why the airline is taking this strong action because all allegations involving fraud, corruption and other irregularities demand a robust and prompt response, as well as the severest of sanctions against fingered parties,” said Ramano.

The move is part of the airline’s bid to strengthen both its operational efficiency and governance systems to achieve long-term commercial sustainability.

“The transactions which were flagged by the forensic investigation include multimillion rand cases of alleged collusion with service providers, manipulation of procurement processes, as well as the irregular and overpayment of suppliers,” said the chairperson.

The airline said it will not be commenting further on this issue, pending the action and legal processes that are underway.

Meanwhile, Ramano said the airline continues to drive its improved performance and strategic plans on the strength of five strategic pillars, with clear initiatives and outcomes.

“The five key pillars are anchored around good corporate governance, working to grow our revenue and to achieve profitability, engendering operational efficiency, improving our product offerings and services, and retaining and developing competent staff,” she said.

SA Express offers connectivity between primary and secondary domestic destinations in South Africa and five other Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries.