SA Express board appoints new acting CEO


The Board of South African Express Airways, with concurrence from Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan, has appointed Siza Mzimela as the new acting CEO of SA Express.

The current acting CEO, Matsietsi Mokholo, will be taking up a new position at the Presidency. Mokholo will hand over to Mzimela over the next two weeks.

Mzimela is a former CEO of South African Airways (SAA), with more than 20 years of aviation experience. Until now, she has been part of the ministerial intervention team that was appointed in May to stabilise the airline’s operations, its finances, and to identify options to recapitalise the airline, given its immediate short-term liquidity problems.
“The board thanks Mokholo for her hard work as part of the intervention team that ensured that the airline is ready to commerce it commercial operations after the Civil Aviation Authority suspended its air operators certificates and its certificates of airworthiness in May 2018.
“As part of the intervention team, Mzimela is also well-positioned to take over the functions as SA Express CEO on an interim basis,” said Public Enterprises and the South African Express Airways Board in a joint statement.