SA Civil Aviation boss named chair of ICAO security panel again


SA Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) director Poppy Khoza has been given a second term as chair of the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) Aviation Security Panel.

The appointment was confirmed earlier this week at the start of the 27th Aviation Security Panel meeting at ICAO headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

She said her re-election could be seen as confirmation of the global aviation community’s trust in South African aviation capabilities, particularly aviation security.
“I still maintain ICAO has made remarkable strides in guiding the global community on aviation security matters. I am also encouraged by the fact that peers across the world acknowledge that with the passing of time and advances in technology, technical systems as well as procedures need to be upgrade to improve aviation security.”

Khoza acknowledged the work done by governments globally to ensure their aviation security systems continued to meet international legislative requirements.

She warned against complacency, adding the nature of terror events evolved rapidly and regulators should continuously come up with strategies to proactively mitigate the threats and risks facing aviation.
“Terror threats are real and require an out-of-the-box approach and ICAO provides a good platform to delve deeper into discussions and subsequent measures that should be adopted.”