Russia completes training of first batch of Egyptian Ka-52 crew


Russian Helicopters has concluded training of the first batch of Egyptian personnel on the Ka-52 attack helicopter, with a total of 30 pilots and 70 technicians undergoing training in Russia this year.

Russian Helicopters last week said that Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company (AAC Progress), part of the Russian Helicopters Holding Company, concluded practical training of the Egyptian technical personnel, although it listed them as being from the Ka-52’s first export customer and not explicitly Egypt.

The first batch of the foreign specialists arrived at Progress on 1 June 2017. 24 technical specialists and 10 pilots have undergone two and a half months of training. This included training on ground support equipment and at the firing range. According to Russian Helicopters, the first batch of technical personnel were awarded certificates on completion of the course.
“It was the first graduation of foreign students from our training centre and I have to say that we all learned together. We will take into consideration all the issues that arose during the training process and will receive the second batch even at higher level,” said Yuriy Denisenko, executive director of AAC Progress.

The first batch of flight crew are still undergoing training, and this will conclude in September this year. In total, some 30 Egyptian pilots and over 70 technicians divided in three batches will undergo training in Russia this year.

In mid-2017 the Egyptian military accepted the first three of 46 Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters, which were delivered from the Progress plant in the Primorsk region of Russia.

In 2015 Egypt agreed to acquire 46 conventional Ka-52 Alligator helicopters. The first, seen in desert camouflage, was spotted at the Progress engine factory in June. Deliveries are set to take place between 2017 and 2019.

Egypt is also looking to acquire navalised Ka-52K Katran helicopters, with the International Cooperation Department Chief of Russia’s Rostec state corporation, Viktor Kladov, announcing Egypt’s intentions in this regard in June.

The Ka-52Ks will be used aboard Egypt’s two Mistral class landing helicopter dock vessels. The navalised Ka-52K Katran features folding stub wings and folding main rotor blades that allow for easier stowage. Originally designed for Russia, each Mistral class vessel was designed to accommodate 16 of the helicopters. The two Mistrals were handed over to Egypt in June and September 2016.