Reutech exhibits at AAD 2016


Fuchs Electronics, a Reutech division, will display its range of artillery, mortar, artillery rocket, naval and air weapon fuzes.

The Reutech Group will be exhibiting at Africa Aerospace & Defence (AAD) from 14-18 September 2016, in Hall 4, at the Air Force Base Waterkloof in Tshwane, South Africa.

AAD is one of the world’s premier aerospace and defence exhibitions and will once again bring together various industries from around the world to showcase the latest technological innovations. Reutech will be exhibiting in Hall 4 and will also occupy an outside stand, where various hardware and products will be on display.

Products on display at the show will include Reutech’s range of innovative products and capabilities. Reutech’s four divisions are Reutech Solutions, Reutech Radar Systems, Reutech Communications and Fuchs Electronics.
“Our objective is to give clients a one-stop overview of the wide range of products and services that we will be offering and to give them a chance to meet our staff on a personal level,” says CEO Peter van der Bijl.

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Fuchs Electronics

Reutech Communications

Reutech Radar Systems

Reutech Solutions

Fuchs Electronics will display its range of world-class artillery, mortar, artillery rocket, naval and air weapon fuzes, along with the MK80 series PFF bombs.

The Fuchs brand remains one of the trusted names for the supply of electronic fuzes that meet the ISO 9001:2008, STANAG design and safety requirements, and complies with international military standards.

The Fuchs M0829 multi-option mortar fuze is one of the few qualified MO fuzes on the market and provides two settable burst height options, along with an impact as well as a 30ms delay option. These fuzes offer double independent safeties, as do all the fuzes in the Fuchs range. The mortar fuzes are hand-settable for ease of use and offer easy to operate setting mechanisms.

Reutech Communications, a global supplier of advanced secure tactical radio communication systems, was contracted by Armscor to develop and manufacture the new generation range of military Secure Software Defined Combat Net Radios (CNR) to modernise the communication needs of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).

This new generation product range will be on display, showcasing the latest manpack, vehicle and fixed installation transceivers as well as dismounted soldier intercom system (SRCS) and vehicle harness system (IPCS).

The new generation CNRs operate in HF, VHF and UHF frequency bands providing the layered communication link. This product range offers state-of-the-art secure voice and data network links for ground to airborne, ground-based and naval applications, enabling the seamless interchange of information for the modern data-centric battlefield.

There will be a live demonstration of the CNRs, showing secure hopping and encryption, data transmissions between stations, with the aid of computers and related applications and blue force tracking, ie, position tracking of the dismounted soldier on a map. The live demonstration will also show the dismounted solider having wireless intercom capability and access to various CNRs installed within the vehicle via the IPCS.

Reutech Radar Systems will be exhibiting a range of ground and naval radar systems. Displayed on our outside stand is the RTS 3200 FMCW Optronics Radar Tracker (FORT), which is a light-weight combined radar and electro-optic tracker, ideally suited for operation on smaller naval combat vessels as a superior tracking sensor compared with conventional electro-optic trackers.

Also on the outside stand is the tripod-mounted RSR 904 NGADA short-range ground, sea and air surveillance radar suitable for detection of dismounted personnel or vehicles in a ground surveillance role, or for the detection of watercraft or aircraft in the sea or air surveillance modes.

The company will also be displaying scale models of the RSR 210N naval X-band air/sea surveillance radar and the RSR 906 coastal surveillance radar, as well as the RSR 150 staring sensor developed for use in the vehicle active protection system market.

Reutech Solutions will have on display its Landward and Naval Rogue Remote Control Weapon Platforms. Scale models of the different configurations can be viewed at our indoor exhibition.

As part of our outside display will be two of our 20mm Super Sea Rogue platforms, of which one will be fitted with the Thales LMM missile system. These two platforms are both available in a Landward and Naval configuration. The Super Sea Rogue 2 is fitted with the Denel GI-2 20mm cannon, together with the Thales LMM missile system, whereas the Super Sea Rogue 3 is fitted with the Rheinmetall Air Defence AG (RAD) KAE 20mm cannon.

Other Rogue Platforms will be on display with strategic partners at their display areas. At Denel, installed on a Hysucat Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran hull, is a Sea Rogue 12.7mm and at Paramount, installed on a Marauder vehicle, is a Land Rogue 12.7mm.

In addition, the divisions’ customised Remote Site Monitoring Tool (Adroit) will be explained. Adroit is a Windows-based remote site management tool developed by a South African company. It is vendor/product and sensor neutral. The product is scalable from small to very large networks, with the processing power of the servers and link availability the only limitations. The GUIs are easily customisable to satisfy specific requirements from the end-users.

Adroit has different interfaces available to communicate with databases from all major suppliers. Customised reports are easy to configure and compile. Equipment that can be integrated into and monitored by Adroit includes, among others, PABXes, routers, switches, microwave radios, satellite modems, multiplexors, encryption devices, UPSes, battery chargers, batteries, iBUCs, generators, fuel tanks (fuel level and contamination), air conditioners, and flood sensors.

Also on display will be a locally developed and manufactured Automatic Test Interface Unit (Generic ATE) used by the SANDF to “field test” various radios for serviceability, to ensure that only repairable radios are backloaded for intermediate or depot level repair.