Retro paintjob for Lufthansa A321-200


German airline Lufthansa has a new airborne ambassador – an Airbus A321-200 sporting a retro colour scheme.

The airliner, D-AIDV, call sign “Delta Victor”, was painted in traditional Lufthansa livery and received by Niko Pointer, head of the German airline’s A320 fleet, at Airbus’ Finkenwerder, Hamburg, factory last year.

The new A321-200 replaces D-AIRX (Romeo X-Ray), the first modern airliner to carry the traditional Lufthansa livery in its role as airline ambassador. Starting in 2005 this aircraft completed numerous flights across Europe, always staffed by cabin crew in historic uniforms. It was present at Lufthansa 50th anniversary jubilees in, among others, Belgrade, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Lisbon and Turin.

Romeo X-Ray’s first flight as airline ambassador was on April 1, 2005 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Hamburg/Munich route via Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.

Delta Victor was painted in traditional Lufthansa livery as part of an agreement with Airbus. The formula and specific ingredients were accessed from the airline’s archive and the manufacturer mixed paint accordingly. Only the silver grey on the fuselage underside is a modern addition. This because the modern airliner has to be fully painted.
“The long shape of the A321-200 does special credit to the sweeping, elegant lines of the traditional livery,” Pointer said.

Romeo X-Ray will return to normal livery and scheduled flights following a major overhaul.