Police pilots await incentive pay


Police pilots and the South African Policing Union (SAPU) are awaiting the end of the month to see if the aviators will receive an incentive allowance due since 2006.

SAPU general secretary Oscar Skommere says the Safety and Security Sectoral Bargaining Council (SSSSBC) recently found in favour of pilot PI Oberholzer and 43 other aviators.

The police “has been refusing to implement Resolution 4 of 2002 of the SSSBC that deals with the full Military Aviation Career Incentive Scheme (MACIP) in the police,” Skommere says.

“It seems as if they had misinterpreted the above mentioned collective agreement. This judgment has brought to an end a very frustrating period to these pilots who were deprived what was legally due to them.”

Skommere says the SSSSBC ruled that payments be backdated to October 1, 2006.

“We also hope that … management has learnt a lesson regarding this case. Millions of taxpayer’s money has been wasted in unwinnable cases by the SAPS Legal Services. We are running out of patience with these cases,” he added.

Skommere says there’s no indication yet that the police will take the matter on review and “further delay the full implementation of this award”. The award was made in late November.

“These members are happy that they have got a very early Christmas present. Let the management pay these pilots so that they can continue to provide the air-to-ground support to their colleagues on the ground in their quest to make south Africa a safe environment for all.”