Paramount to convert two more maritime patrol aircraft for Pakistan


Paramount Group is converting additional Embraer jets to maritime patrol aircraft (MPAs) for Pakistan under its Sea Sultan project.

In July 2021, Defense News reported that Pakistan contracted Leonardo to convert three Embraer Lineage 1000 aircraft into long-range maritime patrol aircraft for the Pakistan navy as part of long-term plans to replace the country’s P-3C Orion fleet. Paramount Group has been tasked with handling the pre-conversion maintenance, repair and overhaul of the aircraft.

Defense News reported the initial tender went out in November 2020, with Leonardo beating Rheinland Air Services and Turkish Aerospace Industries. A $190 million contract was subsequently signed with Leonardo in June 2021.

The Pakistan Navy inducted the first Lineage 1000 in September 2021, at a ceremony at Pakistan Naval Station Mehran in Karachi. This aircraft (ex B-3203, cn 19000453) is unmodified and used for crew training.

At the beginning of July, The Intel Consortium reported that Pakistan had secured two more Lineage 1000 airframes for Sea Sultan conversion, including A6-HHS (cn 19000296), which at the beginning of June was tracked by RadarBox flying around Pretoria.

The two aircraft were formerly owned by Falcon Aviation Services in Abu Dhabi and flown to Pretoria for conversion work. It is believed they will be fitted with search radar and weapons stations for torpedoes, sonobuoys, depth charges and other weapons.

The second Lineage 1000 owned by Falcon Aviation Services is, according to Scramble magazine, A6-IGT (c/n 19000362), but it is not certain if this airframe is involved in the deal.