Offboard flight data recording coming

The crash of two airliners in a month into the sea may cause airlines to move flight data and cockpit voice recorders off their aircraft.
That`s the view of SITA Chairman and British Airways Chief Information Officer Paul Coby.
Speaking to journalists at yesterday`s SITA Air Transport IT Summit in Cannes, France, Coby said the idea “ought to be seriously thought about because the technology is available to make it possible.”
Many modern airliners now routinely transmit maintenance and administrative data to the airline home office in flight and cockpit data can easily be added to the stream.
The Air France Airbus A330-200 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing 228 people after taking off from Brazil on June 1, was transmitting fault reports at the time it disintegrated.
Moving flight data and voice recording off-board will help air crash investigators in cases, such as the Air France disaster, where the onboard recorders are lost.
Despite a month-long search by the French Navy, the recorders of the flight have not been found.
The recorders of this week`s Yemenia Airbus A310-300 that crashed off the Comoros must also still be located.