Nominations of SA National Space Agency Board now open

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) is seeking nominations of suitable candidates to be considered for appointment to the South African National Space Agency Board.
The board is responsible for the governance and control of the South African National Space Agency. Members shall hold office for a period of four years. The objects of the South African National Space Agency are to:
·         promote the peaceful use of space
·         support the creation of an environment conducive to industrial development in space technology;
·         foster research in space science, communications, navigation and space physics
advance scientific, engineering and technologal competencies and capabilities through human capital development, outreach programmes and infrastructure development and
·         foster international co-operation in space-related activities.
The DST says the Board will have between 10 and 15 members who have undergone a security screening to ensure that they comply with section 8(1) of the South African National Space Agency Act 36 of 2008.
“When submitting nominations, it should be borne in mind that the South African National Space Agency Board members should be persons who are citizens of the Republic or have the right of permanent residence in the Republic and have distinguished themselves in the fields of space science and technology or possess the relevant qualifications, experience or skills in relation to some aspect of the functions of the Agency; be broadly representative of the various sectors in the fields of space science and technology; and have at least one member who has a legal qualification and one member with financial expertise,” the DST adds. 
“Allowances will be in accordance with National Treasury guidelines.”

Appropriate curricula vitae, including the following, should accompany the nominations:

·         Identity number
·         Gender and Race
·         Designation and Responsibilities
·         Address, telephone , fax and email ;
·         Qualifications / field of study ;
·         Current and past service on boards;
·         Area of expertise ;
·         Names of contactable referees, as well as confirmation of the availability of the nominee
Nominations can be emailed to George Kgarume at [email protected] by no later than May 22.