Mozambique’s Vilanculos airport revamped


The Vilanculos Airport has been revamped after 13 months of work and approximately US$10 million, as Mozambique continues to upgrade its airports in pursuit of tourism and economic development.

The Chinese construction group Anhui Foreign Economic Construction was awarded the contract to upgrade and modernise the airport in the seaside tourist town of Vilanculos in Mozambique’s southern Inhambane province.

According to Tourism Update, the capacity of the airport has been increased from 75 000 to 200 000 passengers per year and the total area of the facility now stands at 7 200 square metres. There are two departure terminals, a domestic terminal and an international arrivals terminal. In addition, the revamped airport has three car rental offices.

Mozambique is significantly upgrading its airport infrastructure across the country in order to simulate tourism and economic development. “This is not the only airport in Mozambique that we have a chance to improve and reform. It will be the first of many,” said Mozambican President, Armando Guebuza.
“This will improve tourism. In order to realise our efforts, the challenge will be to increase and sustain the development of more hotels and luxury resorts. More accommodation is needed for the growing numbers of tourists, wishing to stay with us here in Vilanculos. We hope that the new airport will attract more developmental activity,” he said.

In mid-April it was announced that Mozambique was spending US$102 to turn its northern Nacala military air base into an international airport in an effort to attract tourists and investment to the region.

The state controlled Noticias newspaper said the airport will process 300 000 passengers per year and will handle direct flights to destinations in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

The conversion of the air base is being handled by Brazilian construction and engineering company Odebrecht SA, which is expected to open the airport early next year.

Last year Maputo International Airport was overhauled at a cost of US$75 million to accommodate 900 000 travellers per annum, AFP reports. In addition, construction has begun on a new domestic terminal for the country’s busiest airport.

Pic: Hansueli Krapf