Moroccan Navy getting King Air 350s


The Royal Moroccan Navy is taking delivery of two King Air 350ER aircraft configured for maritime surveillance.

The aircraft were manufactured in the United States in 2016 and subsequently transferred to France in 2017/18 to have their special mission equipment fitted. They are distinguishable by ventral fins and bubble observation windows.

Equipment for the maritime surveillance role includes the Leonardo ATOS (Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance) system, Seaspray 7300 radar, identification friend or foe system, Link 11 data link and EOST23 electro-optical sensor.

With an endurance, or time on station, of more than 5 hours, the Beechcraft 350ERs will be used for a number of roles including maritime surveillance, search and rescue and marine pollution detection.

According to Defensa, they will join three AS565 Panthers, which were delivered in 2002.

The Royal Moroccan Air Force already operates a dozen Beechcraft 100/200/300/350 aircraft, which will make maintenance easier. The Navy also operates two King Airs.

In July 2016 Leonardo announced it had been contracted to supply two King Air 350ER aircraft equipped with its ATOS mission system to an undisclosed African customer.

At the time, Leonardo said it was the third customer to have been provided with an ATOS system fitted to a Beechcraft King Air which has previously been selected by nations including Ecuador.