Moroccan Gendarmerie gets new H125s


Morocco’s Gendarmerie has taken delivery of two new H125 helicopters from Airbus Helicopters, joining its fleet of nearly three dozen aircraft.

The two H125s flew from the Airbus factory at Marignane, France, in mid-January on their way to Morocco.

According to Air Forces Monthly, the aircraft (CN-BZO and CN-BZN) are being used for search and rescue and firefighting missions and have specialist equipment installed including flotation gear, rescue hoist and cargo hook swing kits.

The H125s joined the Gendarmerie Royale Marocaine’s (GRM’s) large helicopter fleet of two AS355 Ecureuils, four AS365 Dauphin IIs, three AS550 Fennecs, two SA315 Lamas, one SA316 Alouette III, three SA342 Gazelles, four SE3130 Alouette IIs, three EC135s and seven EC145s.

The delivery is the latest for Morocco’s Gendarmerie, which in November 2019 took delivery of five ex-Swiss Air Rescue EC145s.