MoD to reject Rolls-Royce engine

The UK Ministry of Defence is preparing to reject a Rolls-Royce fighter engine in favour of a cheaper American model, putting up to 750 jobs at risk, according to the Daily Telegraph.
The paper said the Ministry of Defence has indicated it will drop the jump-jet version of the Joint Strike Fighter, which uses a Rolls-Royce engine, in favour of a conventional model for two new aircraft carriers, Reuters reports.
The paper said the move would put up to 750 British defence manufacturing jobs at risk and added it had learned from senior defence officials that an announcement is due this autumn.
A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said no decision had been taken and said the aircraft using the Rolls-Royce engine is its preferred solution.
“The QE (Queen Elizabeth class of aircraft carriers) are designed around the operation of the STOVL (Short Take Off and Vertical Landing) Joint Strike Fighter aircraft, and this remains our preferred solution,” it said in a statement.

Pic: Rolls Royce jet engine