MiG-25, three other aircraft destroyed in Libyan air base attack


A MiG-25 fighter jet and three other aircraft were destroyed in an Islamic State affiliate attack on Misrata air base.

On 6 July Islamic State militants detonated at least one explosive device during an attack on the Misrata Air Base, the Libya Herald report, with the group claiming to have destroyed 13 aircraft.

It is believed an explosive was planted under three grounded aircraft. A fire resulting from the explosion then spread to operational aircraft nearby, causing the loss of a MiG-25.

After the attack, Misrata militiamen conducted a series of airstrikes targeting a Wilayat Tarabulus camp in Al-Dahair, west of Sirte. No casualties were reported in the attack or airstrikes, according to IHS Jane’s Terrorism Watch Report.

Islamic State militants have destroyed other aircraft, notably two L-39 Albatros aircraft seized at Ghurdabiyah Air Base near the central city of Sirte. The militants blew up the jets in a video released on June 11. The L-39s apparently belonged to the Libya Dawn Air Force, which has in its inventory Soko G-2 Galebs, L-39s and MiG-23s. A Libya Dawn MiG-23UB was shot down on March 22 whilst attacking Zintan airport while in early May one of its MiG-25s it had made airworthy crashed while attempting to bomb Zintan airport.