Mauritania possibly getting BT-67 ISR aircraft


Mauritania’s air force may be on the receiving end of a single Basler BT-67 turboprop aircraft modified for the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) role.

According to IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly, the US Air Force on 6 August issued a request for information for the procurement of a single aircraft configured for the ISR and medical evacuation roles, as well as the upgrade of an aircraft that has already been delivered.

The Basler DC-3-TP67 (BT-67) is for a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customer. Jane’s notes that there are six military operators of the BT-67. As only Mauritania uses the aircraft in the ISR role, it is likely the aircraft is destined for that country.

In 2014 it emerged that the Mauritanian Islamic Air Force (FAIM) had upgraded its only BT-67 transport as an aerial defence platform by outfitting it with an electro-optical (EO) turret and sensor equipment suited for surveillance and reconnaissance.

Among its new surveillance capabilities, the aircraft can relay sensor imagery from the turret directly to special mobile phones used by special forces units, which improves the rapid reaction capabilities of Mauritania’s defence force.